Pat Bianchi

Pat Bianchi is more than a disciple of the great organ players we know of over the many years. He is a monster player and a unique creative master with a different approach.

Monty Alexander


 Bianchi's deep knowledge of jazz organ history continues to inform his own voice. While he is a proponent of the classic jazz organ trio sound, he's not confined by it. 

 Downbeat Magazine



Bianchi, has established his own voice as an organist, something not easily done and gives ample evidence why many regard him as the next big thing on the venerable Hammond B3   •  All About Jazz

Pat Bianchi is an important contributor to the legacy of the Hammond B3 organ. He has been described by many of his peers as virtuosic and has performed with many musical icons including: Pat Martino, Lou Donaldson, Chuck Loeb, Red Holloway, Ralph Peterson Jr , Mark Whitfield and Joe Locke. 

Pat Bianchi's latest release “Three”  now available! 

The Pat Bianchi Trio LIVE at The Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis, Indiana with Troy Roberts on Saxophone and Colin Stranahan on Drums  

Join Pat: Friday nights at 7:00pm, Saturday morning 4:00am, Sunday morning at 10:00am on Sirius XM Radio (channel 67) as he showcases many of the legends and rising stars of the Hammond B3 organ.  Shows are also available on demand via the XM App

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